You are right about the toner in the cartridge, but wrong about your statement! Thank you for this wonderful information. All the other colors are fine. I cannot find step 5 then step 6 listed below from a previous thread to fix the toner sensor error. Most after market toner is from the same source and thousands of users use this after market toner with no problems. Any suggestions are welcome.

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I have pulled out the drum and toner cartridge oki c3600n reinserted both of them. I can’t tell what is wrong and what is working, due to the fact, that I have no second comparism to this new OKI C I put in a new drum and cleaned out the oki c3600n on the toner cartridge and oki c3600n getting massive vertal streaking on 3 of 4 of the colors.

Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 24K. I’ll keep it for c3600b reference.

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In practice, never worked quite well, they make replacement super drums for hp, not sure about oki. Hi, Can anyone help me I have a cn and oki c3600n belf life error. Then one by one I reinstalled the drums and cartridges in the Cn Okidata laser printer.

These physical sensors often act up, and my printer is always showing low toner warnings oki c3600n toner sensor errors.

Maybe that would eliminate the problem. What are you waiting for?

Change the color of the zeros to a color close oki c3600n each of the toner colors. The printer is good as new!

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I have reset drums using the fuse but have not been able to reset anything else. Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 1K. You can also apply the above oki c3600n to the “ID Unit”s aswell, being the image drums, to stop any counting of the drum units, allowing them oki c3600n be used untill image quality suffers.

Don’t have a solution for that model. Image Drum, Cyan, 15K. Oki c3600n wasted an hour trying to figure that out.

Can anybody tell me what i need to do to get rid of the error and if this will also stop the Toner empty messages??

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But thank you for your concern about my friendships and family. Cheers, Neale New Oki c3600n just to the right of Australia. Vacuum out the waste toner and cover the hole with blue painter’s masking tape. If so, they are clean. My C has a purple front panel oki c3600n yours. The C series factory manuals are probably the same. If you see streaking or faded characters in the colors, you can tell which color oki c3600n needs to be replaced.

I have used my colored drums for over 16, pages so far and they are still going strong. Hi Yield Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 2.

I have sent oki c3600n drums to techs and they say the drum itself gets destroyed by oki c3600n toner, What I don’t understand is if you clean the toner oki c3600n of used toner and really clean itwhy will it still cause the problems Bad generic Toner from the suppliers Well, were happy and you could have gotten a free printer from me if you had a name instead of Anonymous.

Now log in to the web interface oki c3600n your koi and check to see the remaining life of your. Can you please give instructions on how to reset the drums to zero,and how to get at the fuses if they oki c3600n replacing. Any advice on what might have caused the initial jam Now anybody some ideas about this problem?!?

All will be happiness and light. After much oki c3600n scratching I just turned it off for 30 seconds and turned back on. The printers we are using are Cn’s.