You may need to buy these things. Neither HP, nor Palm can offer support for this driver since it was supplied by a third-party vendor. Try opening Palm Desktop this way: Tried reinstalling original software from disk. You must have the Palm Desktop software installed before installing the 64 bit drivers. My suggestions on how to move, to yet another smart phone device, now or in future:

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If you’re worried about losing your data on your palm when syncing, just make sure to configure under the Hotsync settings that your “Date Book” only transfers from your handheld to computer you’ll have to go to applications, then click on the Date Book, then click configure, and select handheld overwrites desktop.

I have a Zire If you fail to do this, it may cause data loss. This approach did finally!

This method should work — though I don’t guarantee it — on any supported operating system. Should I uninstall it? You have been really helpful: For help, try a Google search for [ palm os bluetooth sync ].

The Win Device Manager is a neat and actually a very valuable resource for finding what goes on in your computer. Right-click on the shortcut for Palm Desktop and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Data-loss warning

Either with or without your name certainly NOT your email, [Permission granted by email. It probably takes about 2 minutes to complete the hotsync.

If you have a newer Palm you can use wndows new 64 bit drivers. Go to this website to download it: Tablets and Mobile Devices. For tungtsen bit driver, the direct link is: Please, if you have time, have a look, and tell me if your part is ok and if you happen to notice any other things that need improving?

Delighted to hear–Palm device-driver Date: The Palm also won’t be able to plug in and sync with Hotsync during the install process, since without the palm tungsten e2 windows 7 64 bit bit driver, plugging in to sync via usb only works with 32 bit systems.

Now, use Ubuntu Software Center or another package-management tool to download the jpilot package.

Solved: Windows 7 bit hotsync to Tungsten E2 – HP Support Forum –

However, I was unable to synchronize this with my Win7 computer, and have maintained a WinXP for that purpose. The Acceca folks, meanwhile, have even improved their packaging. If one breaks, well I have several more on the shelf: These persons have approved of their words, and names, to be posted here.

If it doesn’t work, post a new questionor try another method.

Windows 7, 8 and 10 – 64 Bit USB Drivers

But since that time Aceeca. I installed Palm Desktop 6.

You have the correct files extracted. Report your results on the comments below.

Note on Windows 7 Palm Desktop compatibility. – Forums – CNET

January 06, My wife her email here got a new, bit Windows 7 laptop but didn’t want to give up her duct taped old Tungstem E2. Please try again now or at a later time.

Please let me know if you find one. I was afraid that I would tingsten to annually re-write all of my info. C As I write this, I’m wondering if there are possibly other reasons Win7 could not find the driver??

There is a written instruction document enclosed in the download that will show you how to manually install the drivers in Windows 7 bit systems. If you have the 32 bit OS then do not install the driver below as it is not necessary.