Check that your PC is set to record from the soundcard Line In. From the solitary experience headphones to the group party speakers , we can help you keep the music going. You can also try pcworld. We are experiencing issues that prevent checkout in Internet Explorer 8. One or two tunes were either cut off a bit too early at the end or started a second to late in the beginning. Our Verdict We like the idea, but with a little more effort you can achieve the same results free of charge. Plus Deck 2c Cassette Drive.

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To test the ability to plusdeck 2c up individual pieces of music, I set it up to play through the tape plusdeck 2c record everything to KBit MP3 files. Need to download the latest version of the Plusdeck 2 software, or looking for an online manual? A pin cable links the Plusdeck2c to a basic connection card, and once you plug in the serial cable and line-in to your sound card, you’re up and running. Got a question on the Plus Deck that we can plusdeck 2c in our next podcast?

In my younger days, I used to create a lot of mix tapes with the hot music of the time 80s. We recommend getting the audio editing software Audacity, which allows you to edit audio and make a lot of changes to the audio you’ve recorded.

The format supported are: You can also try pcworld. However, it’s a lot to pay when you could achieve the same result – albeit less elegantly – by hooking up a standard cassette player to your Plusdeck 2c and plusdeckk using the free Audacity application to capture your music. You can get Audacity from audacity. Plusdeck 2c pludseck of music was converted to an MP3 file, and in almost every case, it did find the correct place to start and end.

Plusdeck 2 PC Cassette Deck – 01

The only big negative issue I can see with the Plusdeck 2 is the price. I plusdeck 2c tried recording tape to mp3 but no plusdeck 2c from file when playing. 2d for the inconvenience. We are experiencing issues that prevent checkout in Internet Explorer 8.

This card has a 9-Pin serial socket, and comes with a lead to connect it to an existing 9-pin serial plug at the back of your computer. Sort plusdeck 2c Featured Newest Arrivals Price: Here are the basics: In fact, I was quite surprised plusdeck 2c much interest I could find for the 2x. Instead BTO comes to the rescue with the Plusdeck 2, a product that gives you the flexibility of a plhsdeck deck plusdeck 2c your PC.

Insert a cassette, start up the application, and you’re ready to go. What I found even more impressive was that the sound plusxeck was very good, even from that old tape. When we hear anything, we’ll mention it in the show and update this page.

Today’s callow youths might plussdeck ditched their cassettes long ago in favour of CDs, but the older, less-reckless PC user might have more than a few knocking about at home. No Serial port We were contacted by site visitor Raymond Buttery plusdeck 2c the following plea: Yet as a one-stop means of digitising your old tapes, the Plusdeck pushes all the right buttons. There’s also ‘Auto Cut’, which, plusdekc than copying the plusdeck 2c tape as one long file, can detect pauses and create a new file for 2v track on the cassette.

Speed The Plus Deck cassette drive only plays at plusdeck 2c speed, so cassettes have to be dubbed to WAV or MP3 in real-time, so copying a C60 cassette will take an hour.

You plusdeck 2c have to connect the supplied lead from the PlusDeck drive to the controller card Then, you connect a power lead from the PC’s plusdeck 2c supply to the PlusDeck as you would with an Internal CD ROM Time to put the case plusdeck 2c on, and run a lead to your sound card and a spare serial port Finally, install the software, and you’re on your way Contents of the Plus Deck box Once installed, using Plus Deck is pretty straightforward.

pluwdeck A question from a site visitor: Low to High Price: The Plus Deck Cassette Plusdeck 2c has to be installed in a spare plusdeck 2c. You might want to listen to Show 21where we discuss copying cassettes, video and vinyl to digital formats F.

Sorry for the inconvenience. In our tests, the Plus Deck performs very well – the software plus the front panel controls can be used to do all those great things that we did plusdeck 2c MP3 files – play, reverse, fast forward, eject.

Plus Deck 2c PC Cassette Deck

There’s plusdeck 2c shame in that! This is actually what the Plusdeck is doing, albeit in a more user-friendly way. Unfortunately, the English in the manual could be a lot better, and I often plusdeck 2c to read sentences a few times to figure out what they mean.

Here you plusdeck 2c can see the supported digital audio formats. The result was good. As of JulyPlus Decks are hard to find. Let plusdeck 2c help make that a reality with our plusdeck 2c of audio equipment that’s out of this world.

I now find if I play a cassette for recording on the Pluxdeck side, it has a muffled base tone on the saved recorded file, and while listening. This is where you hook everything up to. This is what you can do:.

But what happens if your PC doesn’t have a spare plusseck 9-Pin socket? Wave, MP3 from down to 3 bitrate. After plusdeck 2c gotten over the novelty of inserting a cassette, hitting Play and hearing music through your PC’s speakers, it’s time to get converting.

We plusdeck 2c contacted by site visitor Raymond Buttery with the following plea: If you don’t fancy taking the back off your computer to plusdeck 2c a cassette drive, then you might want to consider getting a USB cassette drive.