The SLP comes with software that makes creating labels a snap. There are no ribbons or cartridges to replace. You can contact Technical Support on our website under the Support section at: Other brands maynot be engineered to provide optimum, trouble-free results with your SLP; they may notwork with your printer or they may damage it and void your warranty. For best results we recommend the use of Seiko InstrumentsSmartLabels.

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We view all our customers as a customer for life, and will continue to evolve and expand our products, features and content to satisfy your needs. Caution statements are used to indicate actionsthat may result in damage to the printer or other property, ormay result in risk of minor personal injury.

If using an SLP, printefadjust theguides to fit the labels as shown below. H Dimensions mm W x Seiko has taken the hassle out of label printing with the SLP There areno built-in fonts and any text must be converted to a bitmap image by a smart label printer 430 computer ordevice for printing on the SLP. Seiko Smart Label Printer A Labels are made of thermal paper. To do so, follow these steps: Unpacking the SLPCarefully remove the printer and its components from the box.

Tell us what’s missing. Connecting or disconnecting the interface cablewhile the printer is smaart on may damage smart label printer 430 printer.

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Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Direct thermalprinting technology does not use ink, toner or ribbon, just labels. Setting up smart label printer 430 PrinterIf the printer is not recogonized using the installation wizard, you will need to set up yourprinter manually.

printdr Print bar codes, company logo’s or shipping labels as fast as 3 seconds per label with the SLP Page 4 5 If any of the following conditions occur, turn off the printer and unplug the power cordfrom the power outlet: Or smart label printer 430 us to the URL where the manual is located.

With the wide variety of available SmartLabels, you can use your SLP to create labels forjust about anything.

Testing the PrinterA quick test lets you know your printer is operating properly and that the labelsare loaded correctly. USB and Serial connections built-in.

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Because smart label printer 430 paper is heat-sensitive, it is possiblefor a label to darken if exposed to high heat or very bright light for an extended periodof time. Make sure youhave all of the following items.

Newsletter Subscribe to get updates and money saving coupons. Changing a Label RollThis procedure describes how to remove and replace label rolls. Seiko Shipping Labels 2. There are no ribbons or cartridges to replace. Smart label printer 430 applied to the paper causes a chemicalreaction to generate black dots at the points where heat was applied. Seiko Assorted File Folder Labels.

Seiko Smart Label Printer 430

This techniqueavoids using messy inks and ribbons. Other brands may not be engineered to provide optimum, trouble-freeresults with your SLP; they may not smqrt with your printer or they may damage it and voidyour warranty. SmartLabels are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors to properly label almostanything. The SLP comes with software that makes creating labels a snap. An smart label printer 430 status light indicates that the printer is off line. Remove the print engine coverRelease the platen lever3 Realign the label stock so it is straight.

Developer information can be found on our website at www. Page 17 Off Line and On Line ModePressing and releasing thepower button toggles the printer between off line and online mode.