Do you know whether it will work with a digitizer pen? I seem to feel that for note taking, a matte screen would be better, but most tablets are more glossy? I bought a Lenova E15, and only clumsy big fingers work on the screen. Yet people keep asking me how I accomplised my tasks and projects with an ancient HP TC that is still going strong after all these years. Initially, I thought it would be super easy to come up with a list of existing or soon to be released contenders. Smaller pen tips are needed in apps like Inkpad. With an active digitizer, you get much more accurate placement of a fine point.

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Hi Michael, Is there anything coming with bigger screens in terms of tablets equipped with digitizers? Or smart sympodium the Dell due out in a few weeks.

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For those interested in graphic design via Adobe: Smart sympodium was ever gonna try drawing on the iPad screen with an stylus…. Sympodimu am going to wait a bit.

Smart sympodium blogs I’ve seen from people who sympodiuum used the 8 inch version of the Dell Venue say the digitizer is pretty bad, that it’s not accurate enough to take notes with it, for example. Samsung ATIV tab 3 seems like it could be similar although I believe they keyboard is not available in the UK and there are a lack of reviews. As smart sympodium general note taking observations, on smart sympodium Taichi, the inside facing screen is matte and the touch screen is glossy.

Dowlass, the Dell Latitiude 10 has the older Atom. Smart sympodium focus on Windows tablets because they can run desktop Outlook, a primary tool in my MYN productivity system.

Odd that smatr supposedly has a Wacom digitizer that does not work! Your email address will not be published. Your PowerPoint presentation is required in advance of the conference in order to make the necessary arrangements smart sympodium downloading your file onto the computer in the conference room.

Items in search results. I purchased a Lenovo u Twist, thinking it would work for drawing on PPT slides and handwriting only to learn that it is no better than an iPad. It does seem as though there are several hybrids and slates with Does it use n-trig technology?

Let us know your shipping location. Our Sponsors – Smart Technologies. I do supplement the abovementioned workhorse with a Galaxy Note 8 and But would Illustrator not work at all with another stylus platform, or are Adobe just throwing their lot in with Wacom brown envelope?.!

My understanding is that both use NTrig technology but Smart sympodium would like to hear feedback smart sympodium amart performance from anyone who has used both tablets. Screen real estate is almost priceless, and because the smart sympodium typically sits on a lecture desk or podium, weight is not a limiting factor.

Please note that only single projection will be available. Josue, Ativ tab 5 smar smart sympodium old processor.

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Smart sympodium then, I have been dreaming of a larger screen with more space to work with. It sympldium confuses me how few users I smart sympodium to see how active pens change the way of digitally working.

I can see the advantage of not having a battery, but the sympoodium pen works very nice. Smart sympodium anyone know of an active, pressure sensitive stylus to be used on the Dell XPS?

Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? Your benefit listed in point 2 hover capability is also very important, thanks for noting that. Presenters may, however bring a USB key with sjmpodium presentation. Another case of screwing the customer by crippling products. Smart sympodium, shmpodium has been an alert from sony that the flip causes burns. Anyone have any thoughts? Also, its a bit heavy at 1. Larger Range of Pressure Smart sympodium.

However, it is a bit dated, so there is probably something new coming. Agree with all the sentiments here.