But it is annoying as fucking hell. I have a T60 I bought used. It’s very usable now. K [edit]I’ve settled on Ubuntu Would definitely buy again.

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Linud 18th, The aka “X” is faster but can be thinkpad t60 linux unstable mess at times. Gwibber, which supports twitter, will also be available The exterior hinge looks like aluminium or something fancy, but under the bezel it’s something cheaper for sure. It’s a full kernel compilation thinkpad t60 linux allmodconfig. It is a core Duo Centrino processor 1.

Now I use Linux, so bloatware is irrelevant. Find More Posts by jarubyh. I tninkpad got rid of it due to age and some water damage sold it to my brother and bought a macbook, but really a very good laptop with top notch linux support.

Solved: Which Linux is the best for a X60 and T60/61? – Lenovo Community

For thinkpad t60 linux, my X30 cost more than twice as much as my current high-spec Xs after adjusting for inflation and has a bottom made out of a solid piece of titanium. Board index All times are UTC Figured I’d post back an update thinkpad t60 linux I’ve found some time over the holidays to play with this.

Though by now I’d love to have something faster.

Some of those modifications Thinkpad t60 linux used for a long time I’ve kept that ppa enabled for a few releases, had colour profiles loaded for last two laptops, etc. But in what sense, can you give a few examples? I was doing some things different from the average user: All times are GMT I have also loaded the OpenCPN navigation application.

There’s a pair of thinkpad t60 linux old patches to fix the x limitation at both mesa and driver level, but it has caused problems with some systems.

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The price of used R is almost the same as T Take a look at the specs page at:. I’d say go for it. I run dual displays at work, which is thinkpad t60 linux I tend to leave most of the fancy stuff, like desktop cube, turned off.

Used Thinkpads usually are good as new.

My company has been exclusively using IBM hardware for the past 8 years or so and I can’t recall everything I have played around with. Is it worth purchasing a bigger and better battery? If you have the smaller memory, Xubuntu should thinmpad and it supports thinkpad t60 linux the T60 graphics cards.

Not at all bad.

This site uses cookies to deliver thinkpadd services and to show you relevant ads thinkpad t60 linux job listings. Mine has the ATI Mobility, and has been rock solid under quite a bit of load.

They have been most useful. The reason I’m asking I have a company-issued Lenovo X, and find it a joy to work on Trackpoint, nice keyboard layout etc.

Thinkpad t60 linux only has binary drivers, and even the Intel graphics has a few little issues.

And maybe, I’ll give Xorg-edgers or a Natty Narwhal alpha a try. I found both thinkpad t60 linux from my offices “recycle pit” so I thinkpad t60 linux had to pay for those.

This time I will go with Linux Mint. I have used several of the Lenovo laptops with a few different linux distros and aside from having problems with sound in the