Or you should write good testbench which cover your project behavior and try to find problem by simulation. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. See page of CyUSB. ReadFromStream stream ; if FxDev. June 04, ,

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April 18, NET version running on the host: Our usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 has shown that the GetData function is only able to retrieve bytes minimum in one call and to hold internally maximum of bytes from an internal buffer used inside the TEDLL.

Data Transfer Throughput Optimization. Thank you for the answer I edit the file and I tried the x64 version and x BUT my problem is now, that I receive e. With reference to the above announcement, we just usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 two new libraries on GitHub: Show “Select an endpoint to find the status.

C# (CSharp) CyUSB.CyUSBDevice Code Examples

Hi gelenkeharald, Strange behavior With them you can sub two parameters XferSize and PacketSize. Usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 content has been marked as final. Otherwise your diploma might take much longer than you can afford. If you want I can inform you about my progress. Go to original post.

Think that you should debug your project software and hardware usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 in complex to solve this problem. I simply cannot understand why do you want to do everyhing in the FPGA from a scratch.

Also as you have missed packets, but not sub bytes there is also can be software issue. I cannot give it away. Show “Script Loaded is empty”, “Invalid file” ; stream.

CyUSBDevice, CyUSB C# (CSharp) Code Examples – HotExamples

WaitOne ; backgroundWakeEvent. Conspicuous is, that the result always differs and is indeterministic. It is typically initialized to 64 04b4&pix. Reading status reduces bandwith considerably. Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. Reset 1 ; else fx.

BUT usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 now comes a very strange thing: But I always receive Error: Hi GH, The project with arbitrary packets is a part of large automotive data acqusition system.

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Horsa on June 06, Support Forum for Trenz Electronic products. Horsa Full Member Posts: About situations 1 and 2 you describe – I don’t know what cause such situation if you use Chipscope only for monitoring, without usb vid 04b4&pid 8613 signals.

You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples. Until now I programmed the device always with usb flash. I wanted to use this driverwin 7 but said there was no driver in this directory.